Hello – I’m Cindy! I’m obsessed with desserts, especially ice cream.

Eight Scoops started in January 2017 after I received one of the best Christmas gifts I could’ve asked for – an ice cream machine! This basically meant I could have homemade ice cream any time I wanted, which was a glorious (and very dangerous) prospect. With this sparkly new machine and my excitement to try new recipes, I started churning my own frozen treats and sharing my creations on Instagram.


Growing up in Hong Kong and currently living in London, I’m always inspired by an incredible palette of flavours to incorporate into my own desserts. Doing “market research” is probably my favourite excuse to eat my weight in ice cream – luckily for me, there are so many great places here in London that I’m still discovering new things every day.


Thanks for stopping by Eight Scoops – I hope you enjoy my posts!