Dark Chocolate Sorbet – Part 2


After tasting two wonderful dark chocolate sorbets from La Gelatiera and Udderlicious (see Part 1 of this post for more details), I had to give my own recipe a go – and you can too!


This frozen dessert is so simple and quick to make – most of the ‘cooking’ time is churning the sorbet and chilling it in the freezer. Honestly, the most challenging part of this recipe was resisting the temptation to drink the warm chocolatey mixture before it cooled and went into the ice cream machine!

The simple base of this recipe only has four ingredients – water, sugar, cocoa powder and dark chocolate. I also added vanilla extract and a pinch of sea salt to elevate the flavours.

If you’re interested – I used David Lebovitz’s recipe, published on Food52, and made a few of my own tweaks to it.

My sorbet turned out surprisingly well, with a deep chocolate flavour and a rich texture. I think I’ll try a different brand of chocolate next time, and sieve the mixture before churning it to get a smoother result.


There are so many possibilities from a simple base like this – you could add:

  • Nuts – hazelnuts or pistachios would work well;
  • Spices – perhaps cinnamon or chilli; or
  • Fruit – orange extract or raspberry coulis pair nicely with dark chocolate!


The possibilities are endless – let me know your ideas in the comments!



Dark Chocolate Sorbet – Part 1


Not going to lie, I was a bit sceptical when I heard about this dairy-free dessert. I couldn’t imagine how a sorbet could have the rich texture of an ice cream!

Essentially, sorbet has a base of water / fruit and sugar; whereas ice cream has a base of milk, cream or a combination of both. Given the obvious difference between these ingredients – I was pleasantly surprised when I tried these dark chocolate sorbets from two great spots in London recently.

1. La Gelatiera (Stratford) – Extra dark chocolate with Calabrian chilli

IMG_8237I visited La Gelatiera’s lovely cafe in East Village with my sister and boyfriend after our 10K race at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The race was great fun, though exhausting, so seeing the signs pointing to GELATO drew me in instantly. I needed an energy boost and this sorbet did just that!

This was a velvety and luxurious dark chocolate sorbet which had the same richness as an ice cream. I was impressed by the deep flavour of the chocolate, and really liked the kick of chilli at the end of each bite (or lick). As a bonus, it’s also vegan.

The only issue I had with this was that I felt it left a slight residue on my tongue afterwards, but it could just have been the particular batch, as I’ve not had this issue with any of their other flavours in the past!

2. Udderlicious (Covent Garden) – Dark chocolate and sea salt

img_8294.jpgAs a complete coincidence, I also had this delicious duo of sorbets after a 10K race (the British 10K around Central London!). I feel like the run completely justifies having dessert before lunchtime!

I had a dark chocolate and sea salt sorbet and also a peach and raspberry daiquiri sorbet. Two contrasting flavours – the chocolate was very creamy while the peach and raspberry was light and fresh – but both were fantastic.

I’d highly recommend a trip to Udderlicious if you haven’t been before as they have some of the most delicious flavours London has ever seen (I really like their matcha & chocolate chip ice cream too).

I was so impressed by these two experiences that I had to give it a go myself – you won’t believe how easy it is to make as well!

Check out Part 2 of this post to see how my own dark chocolate sorbet turned out…!